What is Mazda's DNA?

The ultimate goal of Mazda research and development is that no matter who the driver is, regardless of the road conditions, Mazda can let you experience the "safety, peace of mind, and comfort" of "a sense of integration of people and vehicles." In such a unique car-making concept, Mazda cars has unique research and development methods are naturally also included. Rather than simply satisfying the industry. It is not easy to achieve common in the structure of the car, and it is necessary to focus on "unification of R&D ideas".

Taking the adjustment of the steering wheel as an example, the relationship between "operation of the steering wheel" and "actual dynamics of the vehicle" is very important, so we must start the research and development of "ergonomics" and use it to correctly set the "operation of the steering wheel" To find the best balance point between the relationship with the "actual dynamics of the vehicle", and only this one point requires huge efforts by the R&D and design department to find a qualified "answer".
Mazda explores and solves various issues by conducting a seminar named "Integrative Training Camp for People and Horses". Each training session is not only the research and development backbone of various bodies such as car bodies and engines, but also experts and university professors from external technology research institutes. Everyone brainstorms, discusses the results of their research in depth, and constantly draws new insights. Gradually, the unified R&D concept is gradually reflected in the various models of different project groups, and will eventually condense into a powerful force.

How to effectively realize the "people-oriented" way of making cars? This requires the effective integration of core components such as SKYACTIV blue sky engine [transmission body chassis], and slight changes in each component will affect the vehicle as a whole. To eliminate the abruptness between components and balance their operation is a very difficult challenge, which is also Mazda. Relish the secrets of growth.

Mazda has created a new era for internal combustion engines by relying on its own secrets. Humans have a deeper control of fuels, the potential of engines has been more explored, and the protection of the earth’s environment has been increased a little. This is a new height. Not only is Mazda's major progress, but also a rich fruit dedicated to the entire internal combustion engine automotive industry.


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